TIP Display brightness settings disabled in Windows 10?


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2 aug 2016
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Display brightness settings disabled in Windows 10?
This annoying problem seems to occur often enough.

To do something about this, first check the Monitor settings in Device Manager.

Go to Control Panel » Device Manager

In Device Manager, click Open Monitors - if there is a General PnP screen, right-click it and choose Enable.
After that it is best to restart the computer, so that the new setting becomes active in Windows itself, if the brightness settings will work again,
then the action has been successful.

If the Device Manager shows in Monitors: PnP-Monitor Lock (Default) - then the monitor certificate in Windows is either corrupted or missing.

Now stay in Device Manager and go to the menu bar, click View and choose Show Hidden Devices from the menu.

If you see the same in Monitors:

Then remove any PnP Monitor Lock (Default).
After each PnP Monitor Lock is removed, restart your computer.

After restarting, make sure that the brightness settings are working again, if so - then you may go back to the Device Manager if you want to.
Do you see the same thing as in the image?

If Generic PnP display is mentioned in Monitors, the problems with brightness settings are completely solved.

I would like to thank our member Erik den Houter, without whom I would not have been able to find this solution.

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